Friday, July 13, 2012

Celestia Daenerys Baby Shower

I'm not actually into the traditions, but I still love the idea of hanging out with family and friends, especially since I want to catch up with them during my almost nine months of being outdated in my group lately.

I was touched to see my close college friend, Cesz, although we weren't in the same barkada in college, she was my commute buddy, the one I can count on. Also, my Stalkerbugs family were there, and they enjoyed my mother-in-law's potato salad that Rocky had labeled as 'macaroni salad.'

A couple of months ago, I won thousands of gift certificates from GoNutsDonuts, so to save up money for our baby, we used this up and bought tons of their products from pizza, cookies and turnover pies.

I also had my hubby to get Ambers - my favorite Makati pancit malabon!

I was also thankful for our relatives across the border - giving presents for the baby, the outfits will last for a lifetime, so I might have our baby change clothes thrice a day!

I'm very thankful for my hubby and our family - they've always been supportive. Nothing beats this circle, thru thick and thin... so pray for the healthy delivery of our first baby girl - Celestia Daenerys!

Shots by: Jepoy, Rochelle & me.

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